Вот и настал тот день, когда мне пришлось драться с чайкой за ланч

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I was really afraid that nothing awaited me but misery and poverty, and that news would reach Ireland that I was in a most destitute situation...
I went off the roads into the woods, sat down by an oak tree and gave vent to the torrent of tears. Just reflect on my situation at this time: stranger in the strange land, an ocean rolling between me and every relation l had on earth, without a friend to advise or protect; health precarious and funds exhausted; misfortunes seemed to thicken around me and in whatever direction i would turn my head, I could see nothing but misery staring me in the face. My situation was truly disconsolate, but the Lord was my strength and my shield

2017-10-08 в 13:02 

Aridan Lael
Учусь мечтать...
А с рысью за лакрицу еще не пробовал?

2017-10-09 в 04:00 

Вместо флейты подымем флягу...
Рыси опасны. Надо тренироваться на чайках. Долго.


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