Вместо флейты подымем флягу...
So how do we know for sure linguistics is not really a science? Because here's how the BEST bloody linguist in the entire world approaches the problem of creating a channel of communication with an alien species. She writes HUMAN on a piece of paper, and awkwardly points at herself (in a gesture even I, who many consider to be part human, wouldn't have necessarily recognized as pointing at herself; but never mind that).
Okay, let's say this again. This is the best linguist in the world, yeah? And that's her solution. So okay, I am not a linguist at all, but I was really expecting something that would go a bit deeper into the whole idea of language. I was expecting them to deconstruct the idea of language in some meaningful way, and there's such a great opportunity here to do that. NOTHING! There's not a single thing you can learn from this film about language; nor is there a single lingering thought about how language influences our lives. Oh wait a minute - yes there is: The concept of "a different language changes your point of view"....Like, allowing you to see the future. BOOM! Look how we took an actual deep and intelligent concept, and made it into yet another cheap sci-fi-comic-book-pseudo-science piece of bullshit. Cool us!

2017-02-28 в 03:39 

Вянь и пропадай
Да уж там и физик ничего полезного не делает, а под конец совершает такую же "компьютерную магию", как и лингвист :)

И кстати, лингвист там не лучший на свете - по крайней мере один специалист получше не выдержал встречи с инопланетянами и его увезли на медицинской каталке.

А вообще, массовое кино "как всегда". Рассказ, по которому снят фильм, совершенно замечательный и очень тебе его советую. Физика и лингвистика там как раз показаны как следует, а больше ничего нет (нет кораблей у поверхности земли, китайцев, словарей, радикализованных солдатиков, военного положения, и смертельной болезни тоже нет)


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