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ми усі розбіжимося по русифікованих містах


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и мясокрутку мою забрал.
и теперь, значит, в веселой башне нежный фарш делает.


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The last book I have before me is sadly the most disappointing in that it was written by a relative newcomer who does not seem ready yet to begin fulfilling his early promise. Perhaps he is over-producing and should slow down. The writer is Roger Zelazny, the book is Lord of Light (Doubleday, $4.95) and it is Zelazny's first hard-bound publication in the US. It seems a shame, therefore, that this will be his introduction to a number of critics who, not knowing his earlier novels (This Immortal and The Dream Master), will not know that, in fact, Zelazny can be a disciplined and thoughtful writer. The stuff is self-indulgent, infantile, self-conscious, escapist, derivative fantasy fiction that lacks even the saving grace of Tolkien's relatively clean style. The book is pretty near unreadable, is based on Indian mythology, has a style derived, apparently, from that abominably decadent language Sanskrit, is patronising in tone (so that one cannot even think of it as a good children's book as one can, with an effort, think of The Lord of the Rings), is arid in idea and inspiration, and is altogether a very embarrassing book indeed. If science fiction has shifted itself from the ghetto, this kind of SF has turned itself into gâteau. I can only hope that Zelazny (who I hear is planning a series of nine in this vein) will pull himself together before he wastes any more of his undoubted talents on this sort of stuff.

Муркок о Lord of Light


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Страляй, страляй, мой юны пан,
Твае не страшны стрэлы.
Хоць апустош увесь калчан,
Я застануся цэлы.


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“We are sent from Dain son of Nain,” they said when questioned. “We are hastening to our kinsmen in the Mountain, since we learn that the kingdom of old is renewed. But who are you that sit in the plain as foes before defended walls?”


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Нибелунг, ничего у тебя не выйдет


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Ты улыбнешься лесным закатам,
Всплескам индейских озер,
Тупым вершинам,
Зернистым скатам
Шероховатых гор,
Багряным соснам,
Клюквенным кочкам,
Звонко промерзшим насквозь;
Лощинам сочным,
Лиловым почкам,
Долинам, где бродит лось,

Метису Джимми,
Джо или Робби,
Чей доблестный род уснул;
Последним каплям
Индейской крови
Под бурою кожей скул,
Солнцу, надетому сеткой бликов
На черенки мотыг...
Если бы не было жизни в книгах -
В жизни бы не было книг.


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Ну, вот я и дома.


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Чёрный бык мычал у края земли.
Взволновалось море, и волны пошли
В атаку на Бендилоу.

читать дальше

The black bull bellowed before the sea.
The sea, till that day orderly,
Hove up against Bendylaw.



размышляя о вишлисте

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десять талантов золота, двадцать лаханей блестящих, семь треножников новых, не бывших в огне, и двенадцать коней могучих, победных, стяжавших награды ристаний


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давно хотел вам сказать, что


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мертвецы в земле с планеты с тайным именем Европа


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По синему морю клубится туман,
Слетается воронов боле:
«Откуда летишь ты?»— «Я, кровию пьян,
Лечу от Гастингского поля!»


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"Good reason has the skald to sing
The generous temper of the king,
Whose sea-cold keel from northern waves
Ploughs the blue sea that green isles laves.
At Acre scarce were we made fast,
In holy ground our anchors cast,
When the king made a joyful morn
To all who toil with him had borne."

"To Jerusalem he came,
He who loves war's noble game,
(The skald no greater monarch finds
Beneath the heaven's wide hall of winds)
All sin and evil from him flings
In Jordan's wave: for all his sins
(Which all must praise) he pardon wins."

Fiach will do what Fiach will dare